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French Polishers Northern Ireland

The art of French Polishing holds an esteemed worldwide heritage as a trade which originated in the 18th century and which has carried on to the present.

In the past often referred to as a Shellac Finish it was most commonly used on the better grade woods like mahogany or walnut to help preserve their beauty, while the more expensive pieces of furniture or instruments would have benefited also because owners would strive to keep items in pristine condition.

Furniture Polishing can be extremely labour intensive and during earlier times people tended to use alternative ways of polishing wood. Unfortunately, those methods used for wood polishing were and still are more difficult to repair.

French polishing on the other hand is renowned for being much more forgiving which is one of the main reasons the skill remains such a popular choice. As with any trade or industry French Furniture Polishing or repolishing techniques have changed however this is one of the few skills remaining today in which the vast majority of work is hand crafted and almost as labour intensive as ever.


Skilled Craftsmen

Philip Gaw and his staff are experienced in all aspects of french polishing. Philip in fact has more than 25 years experience under his belt and takes a great deal of pride in the quality of work and the service his business provides.

French Polishers-Northern Ireland
French Polishing-N.Ireland

French Polishers Antrim

Located just a few miles from Randalstown and neighbouring the county town of Antrim, Philip Gaw Polishing are renowned throughout the region for the high standard of work they provide.

Of course living and working within a rural area often means that the business is called upon to take on work which is less labour intensive than when engaged to carry out a full scale French Polish, for example when a piece of furniture gets accidentally damaged or scraped. Nevertheless Philip and his team take pride in the fact they give the same care and attention to detail regardless of how little or much a job would entail and are always more than willing to assist.

French Polishers Ballymena

Within a 20 mile radius Ballymena would be the largest town and although the business would have some competitors located there, the reputation built up over the years helps bring customers new and old seeking their skilled craftsmanship.

French Polishers Belfast

Both Antrim and Randalstown are only 20 miles from Belfast and with
easy access to the M2 & M1 Motorways the company are well positioned
to serve clients residing in all areas of the city. Philip Gaw Polishing provide
a full collection and delivery service throughout the province including Belfast.


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