Spray Painting Northern Ireland

Spray Painting Northern Ireland

When your furniture starts to look as if it has seen better days you know it’s time to shake things up with spray painting by Philip Gaw Polishing. Wooden chairs and tables in particular do tend to attract lots of bumps and knocks especially when children and pets are around.

While it is not uncommon to try and save money by painting such pieces one’s self, Spray Painting is an altogether more professional looking and better finished job. Contrary to popular opinion it is a lot less inexpensive than you might think, certainly cheaper than buying new and a lot less fuss and messy than DIY.

Philip Gaw Polishing provide a spray painting in Northern Ireland service for all types of wooden products including kitchen doors and cabinets and just as with our furniture restoration services include collection and delivery for you.
Spray Painting Service by Philip Gaw Polishing


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Town & Country Polishing are happy to undertake full or part kitchen refurbishments conducting installations with the same due care and attention given to any part of our work.

Spray Painting Philip Gaw

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